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Yes In the last 27 years I have found that there are people who are perfectly healthy, feel completely at ease and live a life of abundance, love and prosperity without worrying too much about it.

Many think it's coincidence, or that it's only for a few people to live a perfectly fulfilling life.

I have a different opinion!!!

Everything is a question of the right energy, frequency and vibration.

Based on my years of holistic research and research around the world, I believe that everyone can live a full, healthy and happy life when the body vibrates at the right frequency. For 27 years I have been concerned with how to support the body with healthy frequencies and how to protect it from negative things with special frequencies. I have developed many products myself, but I have also worked very successfully with scientists and doctors in product development.

After all these years, one thing is clear to me. You live the frequency that you vibrate on and that surrounds you. My daily motivation is that I help people to have a better life with what I do, because happiness, health and prosperity is no coincidence!!

SCHUMANN 7.83® products with a heart

In recent years I have found my great passion in the development and production of new products. Together with my partners, we have developed the Schumann 7.83® products, which work with the power and frequencies of nature. It fills us with great joy and gratitude when we see every day what great positive changes people experience with our products. What could be nicer than seeing the light in people's eyes because their life is suddenly better, more beautiful, healthier or more successful!