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Does man need Schumann waves?

It remains to be seen whether our brain actually connects to the earth's electrostatic field at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. Personally, I still find this statement to be pretty much out of thin air, even after my positive Schumann frequency experiences. Nevertheless, the earth resonance frequency with its almost 8 Hz lies directly between dream world and deep relaxation for us humans. If our brain waves synchronize with this frequency band, our body experiences a feeling of well-being and, above all, regeneration.

People who were artificially exposed to this frequency in studies could feel an intense feeling of harmony and well-being, develop more motivation and can eliminate sleep problems. In addition, it is possible to achieve physically positive results, as one can achieve better health through the frequency. This became apparent when, in research, sick people were increasingly exposed to the frequency of 7.83 Hz and regeneration processes started in them after a very short time.

The actual value of the Schumann frequency for us humans is clearly shown by astronauts as soon as they leave our planet. There are no Schumann waves in space, so you are not exposed to them on the ISS, for example. The astronauts reported disturbances in their general condition and complained about symptoms such as headaches, as well as altered breathing patterns and heart rates. In addition, they lost their realistic sense of time and felt severely light-headed. The fact that these changes are related to Schumann resonances became apparent when they were artificially produced. In a very short time, the Schumann Resonance was able to put symptoms in their place again, as described above.