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Schumann 7,83® Harmonie Massegetisch-Auflage

Schumann 7,83® Harmonie Massegetisch-Auflage
Schumann 7,83® Harmonie Massegetisch-Auflage
Experience and feel a powerful, harmonious body feeling!

The Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hertz, in which our natural earth's magnetic field vibrates, is a very important factor for true healthy physical well-being!

Energetic effect of the Schumann frequency

● Vitality and holistic well-being
● Finally fit again for the day
● Motivation and better memory performance
● Can strengthen the immune system and the heart

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Couldn't it be so nice to get into a completely deep relaxation to enjoy even more intensively?

The Schumann 7,83® Harmonie massage table cover is made of a special bioavailable material for the transmission of the stone pine/copper cores with seven regenerating frequencies placed inside. The stone pine copper cores are positioned (foot area, back and head) in such a way that they can harmonize and balance the body in the best possible way.

    Frequency-energized massage table pad for deep relaxation and regeneration
    To enjoy the massage even more intensively, to let go and to find absolute balance
    Feeling harmony and inner peace - can bring the carousel of thoughts to a standstill
    Schumann frequency 7.83 Hz plus 6 regenerating frequencies
    Harmonization of pathogenic interference fields
    Positive effect on the body's energy flow
    Being able to perceive yourself more intensely
    Can promote vitality and increase organ energies
    The organ energies are reached via the body reflex zones
    Emotional and psychological blockages can be solved more easily
    Can harmonize and strengthen the emotional level
    Supportive for the physical, energetic and mental body
    Energetic tension, pain and blockages can be released more easily
    ● Size: 67cm x 182cm - The Schumann 7,83® massage table cover is made of DERMA ECO LEATHER
    ● Lying position: The foot area is marked with a Schumann 7,83® sticker
    ● OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 2, EN ISO 10993-5
    Handmade with the highest quality standard
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