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Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office

Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office
Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office

Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office

Restful living spaces thanks to comprehensive interference suppression.

Harmonization of WLAN, mobile radio, electrosmog ...

Our home and workplace are the places where we spend most of our time. It is important that we feel comfortable there, that we can regenerate, recharge our batteries, concentrate and find peace and balance.

If radiation such as electrosmog, WLAN, mobile phone radiation, earth rays, negative energy of all kinds, have a disturbing effect in these rooms, this can have great consequences for our sensitive

as great body can have great effects! The basic conditions necessary for our "being healthy" are no longer given. We sleep badly, are less efficient, unbalanced, have no concentration, feel ill or at least unwell and find no real cause for it.

The Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office can provide a remedy here. Harmful radiation can be harmonized in a natural way. In this way we can not only relieve our energy system, but above all strengthen and activate it!

The Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office unfolds its resonance in the Schumann frequency 7.83 Hz, Swiss stone pine and copper, as well as other holistically promoting frequencies. Swiss stone pine has been proven to have a very positive influence on our human organism. This special frequency and other vitality-promoting frequencies are activated and transferred to the environment by means of a 3 mm thick copper plate. Our body and energy system are thus additionally strengthened.

The Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office is ideally suited for houses, apartments, offices, schools, kindergartens, hotels, ... (generally for all living and working spaces).

The Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office is based on a worldwide unique, natural frequency symbiosis of Swiss stone pine, copper and special frequencies.

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