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The story behind Schumann 7,83®

This is my life... Jürgen Riegler, born on September 14th, 1973

It actually started at a very young age when I realized that some people sleep well and at night
Are fit and awake early and others who wake up in the morning after a hard night with many phases
are tired and listless, which can lead to significant health problems over a longer period of time
can lead. It is thanks to my mother that I started looking into the causes of a
deal with healthy and restful sleep. My mother was already in the early 1980s
active as an energetic and naturopathic practitioner. I have been very interested in her work since I was a teenager
and so i started to deal with frequencies, vibrations and energies at a young age.

In the beginning, my special attention was focused on the sleeping place and that
associated effects on our sleep patterns and our health. Almost 30 of course
Years later, water veins, Curry and Hartman gratings and their frequencies are still not recognized today
modern science, but now, as then, I believe that 122 and our health depend to a very large extent on these fault zones.
Due to the increase in electromagnetic frequencies 3 such as WLAN, mobile communications and home networks, yes
didn't get any better!

In almost 30 years of my work I have met many people whose quality of sleep I can only tell by theirs
Moving her bed could improve. I started researching and developing very early on
Products for harmonizing sleeping space and living space. Allowed for the last 30 years
I am also involved in several research and development projects together with doctors and scientists
contribute. It's my life to create solutions for people that improve their well-being
and support.- Better sleep, more energy and vitality in everyday life, health promotion, protection
from electromagnetic and geopathogenic interference zones, frequency-optimized food for the better
Tolerance and energy absorption, as well as the elixir of life water, which harmonizes frequencies
the quality and molecular structure of crystal clear mountain spring water.

For me, nature is the source of life and that's why I try to use healing, harmonious and powerful ones
to process natural frequencies in our products. Natural elements in symbiosis with modernity
Science. My research trips to Asia, India, China, America, Canada and many others
Natural regions of our earth have shown me very clearly that if we let nature in
Welcome our life, utilize its elements and frequencies, embrace our well-being,
can significantly improve our lifetime, our cell regeneration and our organ energies.

The result after almost 30 years of research and development are the products from Schumann 7.83®.
Here we process stone pine, copper and highly bioavailable materials with special
frequencies. The main frequency here is the Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz. In total, all ours
Products modulated on 7 beneficial frequencies that accompany us 24 hours a day. a life
in a "healthy frequency field" our energy potential can really shine. Clarity,
Concentration and focus in thoughts, harmony in feelings, good emotions, vitality,
restful deep sleep, pain relief, a life free of fears and blockages, happy
Relationships, professional success, zest for life and energy can have a positive effect if
You are surrounded by a "healthy frequency field".

The change in field energy and the effectiveness of our products on the human body
are repeatedly used by physicians (dark field microscopy), health energetics, kinesiologists, etc
reviewed by dowsing experts.

Reach out alongside a wonderful team of people who love their work and the products
we more and more people. A beautiful showroom at the headquarters in Kindberg in Styria
Austria under the direction of Mr. Thomas Bagula is the heart of sales and support
our business partners. With healthy growth our unique Schumann 7.83®
Products will inspire people all over the world in the next 10 years.

Kind regards

Jurgen Riegler