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Schumann 7,83® Products

Model: Schumann 7,83® FOOD
Taste the difference!Energy-rich food can significantly increase our vitality!- Better taste and more tolerable- Ordered molecular structure- Natural energizing- Harmonization of pollutantsHigher quality and better taste through frequency optimized food.Taste the difference yourself!Food is one of o..
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Model: Schumann Bodyguard®
POWER-PROTECTION BALANCEGet out of negative energies! Free from fears and blockages. More vitality and joie de vivre Protection from harmful radiationThe Bodyguard releases pain and energetic blockages in the meridian system. Harmonic frequencies beneficially support the physical, mental and emotion..
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Model: Schumann Bodyguard® Phone
Your health comes first!Schumann 7.83® PHONE – Handy Stick Harmonizer for your mobile phone, WLAN, electronic devices. Radiation protection for your cell phone! More vitality through harmonization of electrosmog.Your health comes first!Your daily companion on the mobile phoneThe Schumann Bodyguard® ..
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Model: Schumann Bodyguard® Travel
Schumann Bodyguard® Travel Ihr täglicher Begleiter am Autoschlüssel Harmonische Frequenzen in Ihrem Fahrzeug können Ihre konzentration und Aufmerksamkeit steigern. 
 Direkt am Schlüssel positioniert kann auch das Elektromagnetische Feld der Funkbatterie interveriert werden! Der Schumann Bo..
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Model: Schumann Dreams®
Zdrav, miran san temelj je za energičan, uravnotežen i aktivan život!● Opušten i miran san● Podloga za krevet za odrasle s frekvencijskim napajanjemProbudite se u harmoniji i odmorniPozitivan učinak na protok energije u tijeluOsjetno više energije, ravnoteže i vitalnostiEnergetske napetosti i blokad..
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Model: Schumann Dreams® Dogs
A healthy, peaceful sleep is the basis for an energetic, balanced and active life!Dog bed mat with frequency power supplyRelaxed and peaceful sleepWaking up in harmony and restHarmonization of the field of pathogenic interferenceSchumann frequency 7.83 Hz plus 6 regenerating frequenciesPositive effe..
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Model: Schumann Dreams® Kids
Schumann Dreams Kids®A healthy, restful sleep is the basis for an energetic, balanced and active life!    Relaxed and restful sleep    Frequency-energized cot insert    Wake up harmonious and well rested    Positive effect on the body's ene..
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Model: Schumann Insoles®
Schumann Insoles®Step by step with a noticeably better sense of well-being and more energy!     Positive effect on the body's energy flow     Noticeably more energy and balance     Can increase concentration and body regeneration  ..
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Model: Schumann 7,83® ROOM HARMONIZER
Our home and our workplace are the places where we spend most of our time. It is important that we can feel comfortable and regenerate there, find peace and harmony, as well as motivate ourselves, concentrate and perform at our best. It is especially essential to feel positive energy around us and t..
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Model: Schumann 7,83® Aqua
Schumann Aqua®The water molecules are harmoniously and structurally ordered like spring water in the mountains, toxins are harmonized in the frequency spectrum and natural frequencies refine and energize the water.MAKE YOUR WATER THE ELIXIR OF LIFE- Better taste and more digestible- Ordered molecula..
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Model: Schumann 7,83® AQUA S
Feel the power of nature's frequencies:The philosophers of nature agree: water, the fascinating element, is the basis of all life and is inand is in constant resonance with the universe. In its naturalness, it sustains and shapes the diversity of earthly life. Artificialtechnical frequencies interfe..
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Model: Schumann 7,83® Betteinlage
Experience and feel a new body feeling!The Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hertz, in which our natural earth's magnetic field vibrates, is a very important factor for true healthy physical well-being!Energetic effect of the Schumann frequency● Vitality and holistic well-being● Finally fit again for the d..
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