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Schumann 7,83® Betteinlage

Schumann 7,83® Betteinlage
Schumann 7,83® Betteinlage

Experience and feel a new body feeling!

The Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hertz, in which our natural earth's magnetic field vibrates, is a very important factor for true healthy physical well-being!

Energetic effect of the Schumann frequency

● Vitality and holistic well-being
● Finally fit again for the day
● Motivation and better memory performance
● Can strengthen the immune system and the heart
● Has a supporting effect on the pineal gland
● Can relieve depression and listlessness
● Has a holistic harmonizing effect on the body
● Cell renewal can be improved

Introductory price for the product

    Frequency Energized Bed Pad
    Relaxed and restful sleep - wake up harmonious and well rested
    Schumann frequency 7.83 Hz plus 6 regenerating frequencies
    Harmonization of pathogenic interference fields
    Positive effect on the body's energy flow
    Noticeably more energy, balance and vitality
    The organ energies are reached via the body reflex zones
    The Schumann 7,83® bed insert consists of two parts. The upper part is 100% cotton and connected to the DERMA ECO LEATHER (lower part) where the copper cores are incorporated
    Size: 90cm x 200cm, 180cm x 200cm
    OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 2, EN ISO 10993-5
    Handmade with the highest quality standard

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