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Schumann 7,83® Body Cells

Schumann 7,83® Body Cells
Schumann 7,83® Body Cells

Strengthen your immune power and your well-being with powerful and harmonising frequencies.

The Schumann 7,83® Body Cells is a kind of "energy filling station" for our body. Far Eastern medicine has taught for thousands of years that the physical body of a human being is permeated by an invisible energy body. This view is also widespread in holistic naturopathy. This energy body consists, among other things, of the energy centres (chakras) and energy channels (meridians), which are directly connected to the physical organs. A blockage or weakness in the energy system can therefore result in a weakness or disease of the human body. The MEDISANU® Body Cells starts exactly at this point and works purely energetically.

Here are a few ways in which Schumann 7,83® Body Cells can support you:

- Harmonisation of the energy system

- Releasing blockages in the chakras and meridians

- Getting the life energy flowing again

- Supply the physical body with elemental energy

- Activate and strengthen the self-healing powers

- Strengthen the mental and psychic body

- Improve motivation and memory

- Strong immune system and more vitality

- Relaxation, balance and well-being

- Reduce depression and listlessness

- Cell renewal, hormone balance, ageing process 

- Activation of the pineal gland and promotion of intuition

Anyone who has ever been ill for a long time knows only too well that a weak body brings with it a negative emotional state. Of course, this effect can be observed just as much the other way round. Those who feel physically strong and fit are automatically in a better mood and more balanced. The chakra theory also states that the energy centres of a person are directly connected to his or her emotions. Schumann 7,83® Body Cells can therefore strengthen mental health by positively influencing the person's energy body and subsequently their feelings and thoughts.

The Schumann 7,83® Body Cells can provide you with powerful and harmonising frequencies in just a few minutes. Your energy body can thus be brought into its original vibration, your physical body can be holistically strengthened and vitalised.

For the application, stand on the Schumann 7,83® Body Cells with both soles of your feet sewn in. (without shoes, with socks, stockings or barefoot).

For the first 10 days, do one application per day, for 1-2 minutes each.

After the first 10 days, you can do 1-3 applications daily for 1-3 minutes. Between applications, take a break of at least 3 hours.

Important: Do 5-10 half knee bends after each application for 20-30 seconds to prevent energy build-up in the knee area.

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